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                                                             Boxer Bloat

    What is Boxer Bloat?
    Also known as “Killer Bloat” and the official name is Gastric Dilatation Volvulus. This is a very serious canine health problem.
    It literally means when a Boxer's stomach bloats and twists to such a degree that it can be life threatening. Boxer Bloat happens
    when dog food, water and air becomes trapped in the dog's stomach because of the stomach "twisting".

    What Causes Boxer Bloat?
            •  Overeating or eating too fast - this is the most common reason
    •  Stress also plays a role

    What are the Symptoms?
        •  Vomiting or dry heaving
    •  A tight stomach that is clearly visible to you
    •  The dog may walk in a strange way due to the pain and twisted stomach
    •  Signs that your Boxer dog is in pain and discomfort - dog  wants to be alone or may act aggressive if you try to go near him
    •  Signs of shock - pale gums, shallow breathing,  a slow heartbeat and a coolness of the dog's skin

         There are several causes for this canine health problem, which an owner should be aware of.
     1. Boxers should not exercise in the first 30 minutes after eating. Food should be allowed to digest.
    2. Only feed your Boxer a high quality dog food.  Spicy or greasy human food is not only unhealthy for a Boxer, it can also
        lead to canine bloat.  
    3. Be sure not to overfeed your Boxer.  Follow proper feeding guidelines.

           A Boxer with Bloat must be taken to an emergency animal hospital.  Only there can a dog receive the treatment for this
     serious health problem.   A tube will be inserted into the stomach to help remove gas and dog food.  If this does not work,
     surgery will be done.  Gastroplexy may be done, a procedure in which the Boxer's stomach will be attached to the wall of
       their  body.  Once this surgery is done, the odds of a Boxer having Bloat again is greatly reduced.