Kay's Hilltop Boxers


    Demodex, Mange and Red Mange are terms used to describe any kind of infestation of Mites.

    Demodex is "Very Common" in Boxers and more so in Pitt Bulls and  the Doberman.
    All dogs carry a small number of the Demodex Mites residing on the skin and having a few Mites is normal
    and common. It is when Immune Related, Nutritional or Environmental Stress impact the dog that the
    "Skin Lesions" become visible.

    Puppies acquire the Demodex Mite from their Mother. Belief is that if a pup has a weak or low immune
    system the Mite will attack. Just as when a Human Immune System is low and contracts the Common Cold
    or Flu. Demodex in puppies will normally break out around 4 to 6 months of age and as late as
    10 months of age. If your Puppy has hair loss on the legs, back, face or under the neck and generally Red
    in color, you should have the Pup treated by a Veterinarian.
    The sooner the treatment starts the less hair loss the Pup will experience.

    Fortunately, in most cases of "Treated Demodex" reproduction of the Mite is stopped and the damage
    is repaired. Once eliminated, most Dogs do-not experience another outbreak. The Dogs strong immune
    defenses eliminates any new outbreaks.  

    However, some Dogs, due to genetics, do-not produce the specific "Immune Factors" that will target the
    Mites. This specific "lack of adequate immune defense"  against the Mites is a hereditary aspect of
    the disease that causes an infested Dog to experience a severe and unresponsive case of Demodex.

                       Demodex is not contagious and once treated generally never reappears.

             Boxer Lovers-----Please be prepared to possibly deal with this issue