Waiting List, Shipping & Pricing                 
                                    ***All DEPOSITS are NON-REFUNDABLE***

    Waiting List:
    A $100 Deposit is acceptable to place your name on our WAITING LIST.  This will “guarantee” you a
    puppy from our upcoming litter. In the event we cannot supply you with the Pup your looking for, we
    will hold your payment until the next up coming litter. Your litter puppy must be selected by 5 weeks of
    age. We determine the order for "Pick of the Litter"by the date we receive your payment.
    First come---First serve---

                                                                   Deposits are Non-Refundable
                                  So please Do-Not send a deposit if you are not able to wait for a puppy.
       Unless prior arrangements are made--Puppy must be picked up by 6 weeks of age.
 * All deposits go toward the purchase of the Puppy.

   When sending in a deposit:
       1.        Print and completely fill out the information on the Puppy Application.
       2.        Mail or E-mail the completed application along with the $100  Deposit.

    We do not mind shipping your puppy if you are unable to pick him/her up in person.  The shipping fees
    are extra and are at the new owner's expense. This price includes air travel, the flight approved kennel,  
    the puppy registration paperwork, and the health certification that is required for flying. Puppies being
    air transported must be paid in full 10 Days prior to the puppy being shipped. Puppies cannot be shipped
    until 8 weeks of age. We make all the necessary arrangements (see Application and Bill of Sale).

           We reserve the right to refuse the "Sale of any Puppy" to any person for any reason.
    Puppy Pricing:   (varies from litter to litter)

    •        Limited AKC Registration:    Price $1000 - $1400  (see detailed pricing on web page)
    The puppy will be AKC Registered but cannot be bred and will not have show rights.  No offspring can be
    registered.  This is a family that just wants a quality pet at a lesser price, and has no intention of showing
    or breeding.  Puppies sold as pets must be spayed/neutered by 1 year of age.

    •        Full AKC Registration:         Price $1700 - $2100  (see detailed pricing  on web page)                                 
    The puppies new home must be approved by the breeder.  The puppy will have full breeding and show
    rights.  There is no guarantee the puppy will gain a title or be a successful breeder-just that you will have
    the option to do either.    
     Payment Options:  (No CHECKS----No EXCEPTIONS)
        1.       Cash
        2.       Money Orders
        3.       PayPal   accepts

                          When placing your deposit be specific on the Puppy Application as to
                                                                  "which litter" you are interested in.

                                                                              Kay's Hilltop Boxers                                                    
     We reserve the right to refuse the "Sale of any Puppy" to any person for any reason.


    Complete and Return this form to us so we can guarantee you a puppy from the next litter.

    Name: (PRINT) ____________________________________________________________________________________
    Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________________

         * What litter or specific puppy are you interested in? _________________________________________________
    Deposit: $__________________________ Waiting List__________   (NON-REFUNDABLE)
    Shipping:   Yes_________ No__________
    Male: _____________ Female:______________ Either/Or:______________
    Puppy Color/Markings:   1st choice Color____________________________Flashy or Classic_____________________
    Puppy Color/Markings:   2nd choice Color___________________________Flashy or Classic_____________________

    Why are you seeking a Boxer? _________________________________________________________________________________
    ● Have you had a Boxer before? _________________________________________________________________________________
    ● Are you interested in a Boxer for a family pet?______________________________________________________________
    ● Do you have a fenced yard for your puppy to run in?_______________________________________________________
    Occupation:____________________________________________________Are you in the military? ______________________
    ● Do you have children? ___________________________________ Are you a breeder? _______________________________
    ● Are you interested in showing Boxers in the conformation ring? ________________________________________
    Are you willing to have your new Boxer spayed/neutered for limited registration?___________________
    ● Have you read the Kay's Hilltop Boxer guarantee? ________________________________________________________

    Mail or E-mail Application to:                  Kay's Hilltop Boxers
                                                               1687 FM 1745 North
                                                               Colmesneil, Tx. 75938
                                                        E-mail:  kathey909@yahoo.com


                  This 2 page contract must be PRINTED, COMPLETED, SIGNED and RETURNED
                                          along with the DEPOSIT, or “No Puppy” will be held.