Bill of Sale & Health Contract

    Here at Kay's Hilltop Boxers we care for our Boxers just as we care  for our children.
    Our dogs are our family, not our livelihood. Our puppies are all birthed inside where they can be closely monitored,
    admired and pampered . This is done to promote superior emotional health. Our puppies are also allowed to interact with
    the adult dogs and are exposed to a wide variety of sights, sounds, smells, and people while they are young.  Proper
    socialization is extremely important to us so we can ensure that we  have done our absolute best to raise puppies with
    the sound temperaments  that are known to the Boxer breed.   

    All Puppies are AKC Registered, and come with a written health guarantee.
    If your ready to commit to puppy, we only want serious inquiries.
Kay's Hilltop Boxers
Please read the bill of sale-health guarantee
prior to your puppy application